Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Type Right

Someone with typing skills by using only two fingers are not yet again called for a good interpreter typewriter. Imagine if those fingers should jump and... - hoop... from left to right, from top to bottom on a keyboard or your computer keyboard, so great is likely to bump the wrong keys haste.

In addition also the eye (this is important) you need to move quickly from the jar, your finger into the script, the script to the finger, and so on. While the work should be completed within a certain time and the employer would not have liked if the request was quickly met.

Ten Fingers

Each finger, in this case has the duty of each and every finger should be trained one by one.
Therefore, training materials used in this blog is very thought was right and the stacking
gradually more difficult, meaning the more complexity level rises. Perhaps for the first stages rather seem tedious, but all of no use, namely to achieve the goals we want.

This method will not be implemented properly if the following ways, this second principle unnoticed, namely:

Blind Typing

Blind typing here does not mean we should close our eyes while typing or doing bondage.
The point here is, the eye must be kept at, of course, looking at the script we have. When typing though not allowed to glance at, see the keys, keyboards, or even to our own fingers. Finger certainly not going to run, ketboard we will not leave right from us or move because of some business that must be resolved. So, when we type, eyes fixed on the text just typed.

For starters, this requirement is not playing hard to implement. We always tend to look at the paper, see the paper or computer screen which words we have just typed the correct pronunciation and good punctuation and so on.

Typing rhythm

Important principle that we must consider the type is, typing rhythm. What do you mean by 'typing rhythm' it? If you calculate in peace: one, two, three, four with one second intervals perkata (we can practice with the help of a watch if we do not have a timer, etc.).

When we call each of these numbers, barengi with our fingers pounding on a keyboard or a letter on typewriter keyboard or us. That means if you want to type: jfjf, count: one - two - three - four, one, stamp or press j, two, pounding spaces, three, pounding f, four, spaces, etc. etc. etc. the rate of one beat or the pressure of our fingers on the keys in one second. The space is include into the matter.

Spacing (distance between words) is made by using the thumb (thumb). Tapping your thumb on the block space should always use the same thumb. Thumb is the same thing.

For starters, do not type too fast or faster than the already determined (above), 'speed' we
in type will increase by itself later if we really are already familiar with a keyboard or keyboard
our computers. Hold this rhythm, can by moving our feet tapping along with persecond, can by using the disk as many pathefon we encounter in typing classes. The beat should be steady, clearly and firmly ... means do not ever like: tick - tick - tick .... tick - tick .... but tick - tick - tick - tick.

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